Confirmation Portal

In this section you will find the handouts that have gone home regarding upcoming retreats, 

events, as well as homework that has been assigned.

  • Confirmation 2 Homework Handout Feb 25th  & March 4th

    Here is the handout that went home on 2.25.18 to cover the next two weeks of catechesis. Again, Confirmation 1 is still meeting in the classroom. 

    Confirmation 2 Session Handout

  • Confirmation Parent 1 & 2 Handout

    Please be sure to read the correction section for this update. If your child's teacher is Mr. Dennis, they are in Confirmation 1. If their teacher is K.C. and they are receiving Confirmation this year, they are in Confirmation 2.

    Confirmation 1 & 2  parent update

  • Confirmation 2 At-home Handout March 18th to April 7th

    There is no physical class until April 8th - the Sunday after Easter. This handout covers the next three weeks leading up to our class. Please remember to bring all of your journals - one from each session, and your regular journal. The journals below are the same ones listed on the site. From your suggestions, I've added a pdf version of the journals, below as well for easy access to save and/or print. 

    Confirmation 2 At-home Instruction Handout

    For March 18th: 5th Sunday of Lent Journal

    For March 25th: Palm Sunday Journal

    For April 2nd: Easter Journal

  • Confirmation 1 At-home Assignment 3.18 - 4.7

    Below is a copy of the assignment for Confirmation 1 students to complete between now and your next class on April 8th. Remember to bring the completed assignment to class with you. 

    Confirmation 1 - Marriage And State